National Walking Day

April 16, 2020
Shannon Roberts, FNP
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April 1 was national walking day!  While it has been quite rainy lately, and we are all trying to self-quarantine due to risk of exposure to COVID-19, walking is a very important part of both physical and mental health.  Here at IMA, we try to encourage our patients to be healthy, and this is equally as important now.  If you do have the ability to walk in or around your own home in a safe manner and can continue to be 6 feet away from others, we would encourage you to do that.  You certainly will gain the benefits of the natural endorphins which make our brains feel better and the benefit of the activity on your overall physical health including lowering blood sugar, lowering blood pressure and helping with weight control, just to name a few.  STRIVE toward a HEALTHIER YOU!  Be WELL and be SAFE!