National Nutrition Month

March 18, 2021
Katherine Geoghagan, RD, LDN, CDE
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Every year The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics sets March aside as National Nutrition Month.  This year celebrates how to personalize YOUR plate.  Everyone has different goals, health concerns and tastes.

Every week this month focus on a different area of healthy eating and lifestyle.

  • Week one: Eat a variety of nutritious foods every day.  Include all food groups, hydrate healthfully, learn how to read nutrition facts labels, avoid distractions during meals and take time to enjoy your food.
  • Week two: Plan your meals every week.  Grocery shop with a list, be smart when eating out, choose healthy recipes to cook during the week, plan ahead for travel days.
  • Week three: Learn skills to create healthy and great tasting meals.  Keep healthy pantry staples, practice proper food safety, eat together as a family, and try new foods and different flavors.
  • Week four:  Consult with a registered dietitian.  Ask your doctor for a referral to see a dietitian (some insurance will cover some of the cost).   A registered dietitian can personalize a plan to help you attain your goals.

When it comes to nutrition and eating healthy, there is no one size fits all.  Make small changes that you can feel good about.  Make a list of foods you really enjoy and new foods you would like to try.  Look up new recipes or explore different ways to cook foods you already love.  It may not always be easy, but it can always be tasty.