Our practice is a team of 14 physicians, as well as advanced practitioners, physical therapists, nurses, a diabetes educator, and support staff who together make it their goal to provide exceptional primary medical care.

Our Approach

We intend for the relationships with our patients to span their lifetimes, with a focus on prevention, health, wellness and disease management.

Our Methodology

In addition to exemplary diagnostic and treatment services, our practice offers patients on-site laboratory services, X-ray, physical therapy, diabetic education and weight management, as well as allergy testing and treatment.

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Shingles Vaccine

December 11, 2017

Shingles has been in the news recently after a new vaccine approval was announced. So what is shingles and why should we try to prevent it? Shingles is a painful rash caused by the virus that causes chicken pox, varicella zoster. After an infection with chicken pox, the virus stays in the cells of the […]

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Flu Season

October 19, 2017

It is October which means influenza season is fast approaching. In fact, we have already had confirmed cases of influenza amongst our patients. Flu is transmitted primarily through respiratory droplets that can travel up to 10 feet with coughing and sneezing; and less far with talking. Flu can also be contracted with hand contact of […]

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World Hepatitis Day

June 29, 2017

July 28 each year is designated “World Hepatitis Day”.  The purpose of this to raise awareness and stimulate changes in behavior, both political and personal, to reduce the worldwide burden of viral hepatitis. Hepatitis refers to any inflammation in the liver.  This inflammation can be caused by drugs, toxins (most typically alcohol) as well as […]

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