“It’s Nothing”

April 30, 2018
Peter Ochoa, MD
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About ten years ago, I went in for a routine ultrasound of my abdomen after experiencing some pain and occasional issues with intermittent discomfort.  I, of course, thought it would be something quite insignificant, but unfortunately, a pancreatic mass was noted and not much else.  This led to a long course of medical diagnostics and a good amount of soul searching, and eventually, surgery.  Luckily, the mass was benign, but I was still required to endure a significant and life changing procedure to remove the mass nonetheless.

Aside from gaining insight into me and being able to relate directly with patients who have similar conditions, multiple items come to mind for daily health and concerns.   I would advise that one pay attention to those ‘little’ things that tend to gnaw at us all, for example, that pesky odd taste in your mouth, or that skin tag that keeps changing color on your leg, or maybe that temporarily blurry vision that you have at seemingly random times.

Even though not every ache and pain is something significant, maintaining your relationship with your physician and discussing these things with your physician and getting the appropriate testing, or none at all, can be the difference for yourself and your family.